Dr. Lori Rockwell

Dr. Rockwell is dedicated to helping clients enjoy life with their pets. That is why she constantly pursues the very best in dog training, rehabilitation therapy, and behavior education. Her background enables her to evaluate your pet medically, behaviorally, and physically to create a treatment plan that will help your pet begin changing after their very first visit. Dr. Lori has a deep love of science which is why she uses only positive-based training techniques.



Image by Caleb Woods

Behavior Consultations

Living with an animal with a behavior problem is hard. It can be both emotionally and financially draining.  Seeking help from an expert can help you see the results you and your pet desperately need and deserve.

Whether you are dealing with a dog that barks and lunges at dogs or people, a cat that just can't seem to find his litter box, or a dog that panics when you leave them alone, Dr. Lori is ready to help

Physical Rehabilitation 

Did your pet recently have surgery? Is your pet aging and not quite as active as they used to be? Does your pet need help getting fit? Is your pet an athlete that needs a conditioning program to remain competitive?​

Injuries, arthritis, and weight loss require dedication and a daily commitment to exercise for your pet to recover completely. Maintaining a canine athlete can feel like a full time job. With Dr. Lori's help, she will streamline your home exercise program to make the most efficient use of your limited time.


Helping you enjoy life with your pets again.


"Dr. Lori is amazing. I rescued a pit bull and he came with a lot of love to share and needed someone to love all of him back. He has separation anxiety. When I leave he takes to his own creative means to elevate his distress of being alone. Through many consultations with Dr. Lori he’s so much better than where he was and continues to get better. She always has an idea up her sleeve from music to massage to get him in a place of peace which I’m completely grateful for. Carlos and I absolutely love her!!!"

Kelly D. & Carlos