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Dog training

Is your dog lacking basic manners?

Is your dog driving you crazy? Do you find yourself yelling at him every day? I know right now you may be struggling because your dog is lacking some skills. He doesn't know not to jump up on you when your arms are full of groceries. He doesn't know not to bark and growl every time he hears a noise or sees someone through the window. He doesn't know that the sofa is not a chew toy or that you don't like to move quite that fast on walks.  I can relate - I live with 4 dogs and some days are a struggle!

The good news is I can help! We can teach your dog all these behaviors and more! Any dog is capable of learning and can become a well behaved family member that is a pleasure to be around.

Let's get started on the path to life with less yelling and more fun today!

I offer 2 different training options for adult dogs to help them learn basic manners to make life easier. Every adult dog training package begins with an initial 90 minute consultation. This consultation allows me to meet you, your family and your dog. We will discuss your concerns, goals and which behaviors you would like your dog to learn. By meeting in your home I get to see where your dog lives and what your lifestyle is like. We will also discuss dog body language and how dogs learn to set you both up for success in this process. At the end of the initial meeting I will recommend a training package for you. We can also discuss whether coaching or day training will fit best with your lifestyle.

Coaching Sessions - You learn how to train your dog

We will meet once a week in your home. I will show you how to work with your dog and give homework for the week. This type of training takes a bit longer. It is perfect for someone with a some free time and a desire to learn how to train their own dog.


Day Training Sessions - I train your dog for you while you are at work

This is like jumping into the fast lane. We still meet once a week but I work with your dog to help build solid skills and then transfer them to you. This type of training is recommend for busy people looking for quick results

Initial Consult $120 (90 minutes) - must be done before scheduling training sessions.


Training Sessions $100 per hour or 6 hours for $550