Soft Touch Animal Rehabilitation & Behavior Consulting Service


Phone:  608 558 1268

Better Vet Visits

Does your dog struggle with veterinary visits or grooming?  Does the thought of going to the vet stress you out?

Dogs that are afraid at the veterinary clinic often miss important medical appointments and have limited physical exams putting their health at risk.  Let me help your dog learn a few simple behaviors to make veterinary visits or grooming appointments much easier.

Training Options

All packages begin with an initial 90 minute consultation $150

during this consult we will discuss your goals and create a custom plan based on your household, lifestyle and dog's learning style.


Then you choose

1.  Hands On - I will meet with you once a week, teach you how to work with your dog, provide homework and you will do the training yourself.

2.  Hands Off - I do the training for you.  We still meet once a week so I can transfer the behaviors to you but I do most of the work for you. 


Single 60 minute Session $100

6 hour package (recommended) $550