Soft Touch Animal Rehabilitation & Behavior Consulting Service


Phone:  608 558 1268

Katelyn V.

Lori is absolutely amazing at what she does. She is helping rehab our husky after TPLO surgery and he wouldn’t be where he is today without her! I completely trust her with my dog and I learn something new every session. The exercises for homework are practical and easy to follow. She is always responsive and patient with all my questions. I’d recommend her to all of my friends and family!

Kelly D.

Dr. Lori is amazing. I rescued a pit bull and he came with a lot of love to share and needed someone to love all of him back. He has separation anxiety. When I leave he takes to his own creative means to elevate his distress of being alone. Through many consultations with Dr. Lori he’s so much better than where he was and continues to get better. She always has an idea up her sleeve from music to massage to get him in a place of peace which I’m completely grateful for. Carlos and I absolutely love her!!!

Sam B.

My dog Brinkley did not do well with cats. I moved in with a friend who had a cat and Lori helped Brinkley and I through the struggles. He can now be in the same room as a cat and not cause problems. With a little bit of help he is so much better. I don’t know how I would have made it this long with some of his behavioral issues without Lori helping me. I recommend her to everyone I know.

Emily G.

Our 10 year dachshund, Riley, had to have emergency surgery on his back. We were extremely fearful about his recovery and him not being able to live the active life that he had previously. Dr. Rockwell was amazing. She came over to do his rehab and also gave us a rehab plan to do with Riley everyday. Without her and her help, Riley would not be the crazy, active 11 year old dachshund that he is today. She helped us to be sure that he would have the same active life he lived before. Watching him and his brother chase each other around the yard, one would never know that we went through this unless we told them I would recommend Lori to anyone and everyone.

Kris K.

Dr Rockwell was referred to us by our dogs team of surgeons. Dr Lorene makes house calls! She listened to our concerns, evaluated our Gabby's needs and knew exactly what plan of action we could use. Our dog loves her, and her Veternarian knowledge plus expertise as a behaviorist made her a perfect fit for our dog and our family. We are so happy to have our Gabby through her fear anxiety and unitary problems. Thank you Dr Lorene.

Lois C.

Lori Rockwell worked with my reactive rescue, dog, Winston, and taught me a LOT about how to interact and communicate with him to make him trust me and my husband. I learned his body language signals and gave him the time and patience he needed to becoming a trusting dog again.  Lori communicated with us very effectively as her training style is very down to earth with emphasis on positive training methods.  Attached is a picture of my dog with a much more relaxed and happy attitude.


I have recommended her to several of my friends for help with their dogs.  She is amazing, and her techniques work!