Soft Touch Animal Rehabilitation & Behavior Consulting Service


Phone:  608 558 1268

Single consultation

Are you noticing that your dog is less active or keeps limping and no one can figure out why?  As a rehabilitation therapist I have advanced training is musculoskeletal exams - let me help get to the root of the problem.

sporting dog package

Is your dog not hitting their contacts correctly?  Do they stutter step during weave poles or make wider turns than they used to?  It could be due to an injury - let me help find or prevent problems in your sporting dog.

Post surgical packages

Did your dog recently have orthopedic surgery for a shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle problem or for a broken bone?  Let me help get them back in shape and using the leg just like your physical therapist would do for you.

Senior Dog package

Does your dog move more slowly or having troubles doing stairs?  Have they been diagnosed with arthritis and just don't move as easily?  I can help keep them comfortable - schedule a consult today.

puppy prevention pkg

Does your puppy walk or sit funny?  Have they been diagnosed with hip or elbow dysplasia or a luxating patella?  Early intervention is they key for these guys - let me help prevent pain for your pup in the future.

Weight loss package

Is your dog overweight and the scale just doesn't seem to move?  Do they have a hard time getting around?  I can help get them back in shape - book your weight loss sessions today and stop struggling.