Soft Touch Animal Rehabilitation & Behavior Consulting Service


Phone:  608 558 1268

Puppy Training

Are puppy antics driving you crazy? I can help! I can teach you how to handle biting, whining, chewing, and housetraining accidents. I can also help you prepare your puppy to be the easy-going adult companion you've been waiting for.

Babies, Kids & Dogs

Are you stressed? Are you exhausted? Trying to manage a house with dogs and kids can be a real struggle. Teaching your dog a few simple basics can change things from chaos to calm. Whether you just brought home a new baby or a struggling with a newly independent toddler  I can help!

Basic dog manners

Is your dog new to your home? Has your dog developed some bad habits?  Do he jump up, bark and steal food?  Does she drag you down the street on walks? I can help! Let's teach them the skills they need to be the well behaved dog you are dreaming of.


Are you afraid your dog will bite someone? Have they already bitten someone? Are you scared to take your dog for a walk or invite people over? Living with an aggressive dog can be very difficult. I can help. Let's get started making life easier for you and your dog today.

Separation Anxiety

Does your dog bark or whine when left alone? Are you tired of coming home to a mess every day? Separation anxiety can damages your bond to your dog. I can help! Your dog can learn to be alone.  Let's get started working towards a better life for you and your dog.

better vet visits

Are you afraid to take your dog to the vet? Does he growl whenever he needs nail trim? Has he gotten bad reports from the groomer? I can help! Let's make these experiences a thing of the past by teaching your dog a few new skills.  The sooner we get started the sooner you will be in the path to a happier dog!