Here are a few commonly-asked questions about Dr. Lori Rockwell's services. If you have your own question, please feel free to contact Dr. Lori by filling out the online contact form found here.

What is your service area?

Dr. Lori travels throughout the entire state of Wisconsin and northern portions of Illinois. If you live outside these areas, she is happy to refer you to another professional.

Why should I schedule a behavior consultation for my pet?

Behavior problems usually involve multiple factors. Even things that seem simple at first, can have a wide variety of contributing factors. A veterinary behavior consultant has extensive knowledge about the possible contributing factors. This will allow them to address the root causes of your pets problem and create a more effective comprehensive treatment plan. In many cases your pet may have a medical condition that is contributing to their behavior. By working with a veterinary behavior professional a wholistic approach to healing both the body and mind will be used.

Why do you require a deposit, and what forms of payment do you accept?

Dr. Lori is committed to providing the absolute best care possible to you and your pet. Because of the time she spends reviewing your pet’s file, and the substantial amount of time dedicated to each client which limits the number of cases that she can see, a deposit is required. Credit card payment is required for all new clients. Established clients are welcome to pay with check or credit card.

Do you guarantee results?

No one can guarantee a permanent change in behavior. Just like you could try very hard not to yell at your significant other, children or pets, you could not guarantee that this would never happen again for the rest of your life. Learning and changing habits takes time. Our goal is to help develop realistic goals and to help you work to achieve them. We cannot guarantee that the behavior problem will resolve fully or give an exact timeline for improvement, however clients often experience success and enjoy greater understanding of their pet.

How do I know if my pet needs physical rehabilitation?

When people hear the term rehabilitation therapy, they often think about recovery from an injury, surgery, or something that an elderly pet might need. The truth is that any pet can benefit from a customized cross training program developed by a rehabilitation therapist. Working on flexibility, balance, strength training, and endurance will help your pet live their best life, decrease the risk of injury, and help them to stay mobile throughout life. Our goal is for each pet we meet to live their best life and to love every second of it.

How long will it take to see results?

Each pet is different and will respond differently to their program. Our goal is to help you see some improvement as soon as possible. Long term behavior change will take time.

Some of the factors that affect your pet’s response to treatment include:

  • How long your pet has been practicing the behavior/s

  • The severity and intensity of the behavior/s

  • How much time you can dedicate to your pet's program

  • If there are medical conditions contributing to your pet's behavior

What is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist?

A Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist is a veterinarian or human physical therapist who has pursued advanced training in the following areas canine anatomy and physiology, conditions and injuries commonly referred for rehabilitation, physical therapy assessment techniques, manual therapy, physical modalities and therapeutic exercise, and neurological rehabilitation through the Canine Rehabilitation Institute. As a Canine Rehabilitation Institute Student, Dr. Lori Rockwell completed a program of theoretical and hands-on education that complements her current knowledge of the field.

Some requirements for certification include:

  • Complete a series of 3 and 5 day-courses at the Canine Rehabiliation Institute
  • Pass an examination for each course
  • Complete a 40 hour internship at an approved location
Dr. Lori completed these requirements and earned the Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist title.

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