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Kitten Training

Kittens are adorable little fluffballs that can make you scream or want to pull your hair out!  These sweet little furballs bring you joy, laughter and lots of frustration.  They pounce, run and play taking using you or your favorite quilt as a springboard.  The climb curtains, scratch on furniture and cause chaos everywhere they go.

As cute as they are they present some real challenges that require the help of a skilled professional.

Kittens are learning constantly and if you aren't aware of what you are teaching then they may be learning bad habits.  Working with a professional to help get you started on the right track will help you survive the trying moments without letting your kitten pick up bad habits.

Let me help you with the frustrating part of kittenhood so you can get back to all the fun stuff!

I offer several kitten training programs aimed at making the kitten months much less stressful and frustrating. I’ll help you enjoy your kitten now, while working towards creating the companion you have dreamed of. 

Kitten Training has lifelong benefits!

An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure when it comes to training your kitten.  This kitten will grow into an adult cat that will share your home for the next 15-20 years.  Starting them off with a good foundation and preventing them from learning "bad" behaviors is an investment you simply cannot afford to make.  The time you spend working with your kitten now will pay you back for years to come.  Let's get started training today and move your kitten one step closer to becoming your dream companion.

Let's teach your kitten these valuable life skills

  • Housetraining - where it is okay and not okay to pee

  • Foundation Manners - Sit, Name and come when called

  • Scratching - which items belong to them and which are off limits

  • Socialization - new people, places and things are not scary

  • Appropriate play - teeth are sharp don't put them on people

  • Independence - it's good to be alone

  • Relaxation - it's great to be calm and rest in my bed

Choose your package today and let's get started

Kitten Primer

You are thinking about getting a kitten or have already picked one out.  Let me help your get ready for her arrival and get your relationship started off in the right way.  After all this cat will share your life for the next 15-20 years so why not create a great foundation and prepare for her arrival.



Single 60 minute session

New Kitten

You’ve got a new kitten! It’s an exciting time, but a stressful and nervous one, too. I’ll help you get off on the right (ahem) paw together, including litterbox instructions, alone time area and training, simple problem prevention protocols, and teaching sit—the foundation of all basic manners.



Single 2 hour session

Kitten Training

Litterbox use and basic problem prevention are going great, now let’s get your kitten working on some new skills. It’s never too early to start learning how to be a great cat! Choose from sit,  come, leave it, drop, nose or chin targeting, appropriate play and walk nicely on leash. Or purchase the full package and let’s do it all.



Single 60 minute session                  $100

Package of 6 sessions                       $550