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New Cat Introduction

Are you planning on adding a new cat?  Or did you already bring one home and are experiencing problems?

Cats are actually fairly solitary creatures that don't often live in social groups.  This doesn't mean we can't teach them to get along or even enjoy each others company but the process can be slow and frustrating.  Having a professional guide you through this process can be extremely helpful.

Please let me guide you in the process of introducing your new cat to your home or let me help get the two cats that are fighting to learn how to co exist.

Cats are solitary creatures but they can learn to be friends

I offer several cat introduction programs aimed at making the transition from a one cat to a multi cat home a smooth one.  I live with 5 cats so I truly understand the need to have more than one!

In our session you will learn about

  • Cat Body Language

  • Slow Introductions and Why they Help

  • Clicker Training Cats - decrease stress and provide enrichment

  • Setting up the Environment for Success

  • How to Prevent Fighting

  • How to Break Up Fights Safely

  • Recall and Sit - teaching your cat to come when called and sit on cue

Choose your package today and let's get started

Initial Consult

Whether you have gotten a new cat or are considering adding one get started on helping them learn about life with a roommate.  During this 90 minute session we will discuss cat body language, slow introductions, environmental enrichment and how to teach some foundation behaviors to help prevent problems



Single 90 minute session

Cat Training

I will spend time teaching you how to train your cats and oversee their introduction.  We will meet once each week and work on the introductions in a slow controlled manner just the way cats like it.  I will show you how to start introducing the cats, teaching them some basic behaviors and help them begin to acclimate to each other.



Package of 6 sessions                       $550