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Puppy Training

He's finally here! That cute, adorable little fluffball that you have been waiting for. You dreamt about who he would become and the fun adventures you would have! Does that dream seem far away right now?


You love him so much but some days are hard and you are think there must be something wrong with him. He is pees and poops in your house. He wakes you up whining and barking all night long. You can't leave him alone for even a second without him finding trouble. He is chewing on your things, biting your hands and feet and nibbling holes in your favorite clothing. Then when you think you can't stand one more second he falls asleep in your arms and your heart melts. Then the whole process begins again the next day

Puppies are adorable but they are also A LOT of work. I have worked with thousands of puppies and puppy owners. I have taught them the valuable life skills to make living and loving their puppy easy. This experience gives me the skills that you need to survive puppyhood.

Life with your puppy isn't quite what you expected!

Puppy Training has lifelong benefits!

Life with your puppy isn't quite what you expected!

Life with your puppy isn't quite what you expected!

Did you know that puppies are learning constantly?  When they are awake they explore their environement and discover new and exciting things.  They learn about what they like, dislike and how to gain access to all the things they value.  Early training and socialization are the keys to creating a great relationship and a great foundation that will allow your puppy to grow into your perfect companion.  This dog will hopefully be a part of your life for the next 10-15 years so let's get him started on the right path to becoming the dog you have always dreamed of.  It's never to early to start!

Let me help you find the joy in puppyhood and set your dog up for a lifetime of success

I offer a puppy prep session to help you get ready before bringing your puppy home. There are 2 different types of training packages to fit into every lifestyle. Check out the packages below and let's get started on the path to an easier life with your puppy!

Let's teach your puppy the life skills he needs

  • Housetraining - where it is and  is not okay to pee

  • Foundation Manners - Sit, Name, Come and Walk on loose leash

  • Chewing - which items belong to them and which are off limits

  • Socialization - new people, places and things are not scary

  • Bite inhibition - teeth are sharp don't put them on people

  • Independence - it's good to be alone

  • Relaxation - it's great to be calm and rest on my mat

Choose your package and let's get started

Puppy Primer

You are thinking about getting a puppy or have already picked one out. Let me help your get ready for her arrival and start your relationship off right. By preparing you will be able ready to handle any thing your puppy throws at you.



Single 60 minute session

New puppy

Congratulations on your new puppy! It’s an exciting but a stressful time!  Let me help you get started on the right path. During this 2 hour session we will discuss housetraining, alone time training, problem prevention and how to teach sit.



Single 2 hour session

Puppy training

No time for obedience class?  I can help!


Puppy DIY - we meet once a week and I teach you how to train your puppy


Puppy made Easy - I work with your puppy several times each week. We meet once a week to transfer these skills to you.



Single 60 minute session                  $100

Package of 6 sessions                       $550